About Us

Alba Vaping - A leading supplier of vaping hardware and e-liquids in Scotland and the UK.

We are one of Scotland's fastest growing and on route to be one of Scotland's favourite suppliers of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and next-generation e-cigarette devices, with a huge array of high quality accessories to match. We work closely with manufacturers from around the globe, supplying e-cigarette kits to suit our customers’ needs and lifestyles. We offer hundreds of products tailored towards both beginners and more advanced users. We have everything you need to join the global e-cigarette community. In terms of function and reliability; we aim for the very best.

We recognise the need to provide a range of high quality products that meet the needs of every customer. The vaping industry has come a long way in a very short time and there are now far superior products available compared to the early days of 'cigarette looking' devices. Now you can have a leak free, durable device with a battery life of several days. The best bit is the cost saving is still there compared to smoking and is now proven by Public Health England to be 95% safer.

Our huge range of e-cigarette kits, vape liquid, batteries, atomisers, parts and accessories are all TPD compliant, which means that they meet all the safety and quality standards required by law.

We aim to cater for everyone, so whether you're new to vaping or a pro user, we'll have what you need. Feel free to pop in and make use of our 'try before you buy' service. It's perfect if you're unsure which e-liquid flavour or vape kit to go for. We have many different flavours to sample in store.

Finally, we also have two sister websites called Alba CBD, Mother Natures CBD that is dedicated to the emerging world of CBD vaping and food based products. If you are looking to get the benefits that vaping CBD offers, please visit the site and check out our range of high quality products. You'll also find helpful guides, reviews and advice.