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The UK's Very Best Priced eLiquid and Vaping Mystery Box

Alba Vaping

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All of our Mystery Boxes are specially designed and lovingly put together to give you a the very best vaping experience with the latest vaping kits and mods in the current market. So be rest assured, with a vaping specialist who has been supplying products to our customers all over the UK, you are buying with confidence.

For those looking to start vaping, for those who are new to vaping or recently started vaping with no coil building experience, intermediately experience vapers or experienced sub ohm vapers with who are interested in going to the next level in RDA, RTA and RDTA Tanks and wanting to get more out of vaping.
For those who class themselves as experienced vapers: Only use RDA, RTA and RDTA tanks.
Mystery Box 1:
  • 120ml eLiquid.
  • Free nicotine shots
  • 1 x  RDA or 1 x  RTA or 1 x  Sub Ohm Tank or 1 x  starter kit.
  • May include accessories.
  • Only £29.99

Mystery Box 2:

  • 180ml E-Liquid (include premium range).
  • Free nicotine shots.
  • May include accessories.
  • Free postage as standard.
  • 1 x  full kit + 1 x  RDA or 1 x  RTA or 1 x  Sub Ohm Tank or 1 x Mod with 1 x  RDA or 1 x RTA or 1 x Sub Ohm Tank.
  • Only £69.99

Mystery Box 3 – Juice Lover:

  • 1000ml or more E-Liquid (include premium range).
  • Free nicotine shots.
  • Free postage.
  • Only £59.99

Big Mystery Box 4:

  • 500ml E-Liquid (include premium range)
  • Free nicotine shots.
  • 1 x  full kits or 1 full kit and 1 mod with 1 x  RDA or 1 x RTA or 1 x Sub Ohm Tank.
  • Accessories.
  • Free postage as standard.
  • Only £119.99

Big Mystery Box 5:

  • 1000ml E-Liquid (include premium range).
  • Free nicotine shots.
  • 1 x Full kits or 1 Mod with 1 x RDA or 1 x RTA or 1 x Sub Ohm Tank.
  • Accessories.
  • Free Postage.
  • Only £119.99

PLEASE NOTE!: Nic shots are included but are counted in total eliquid capacity.

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